Maternity Benefits

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Paki-clarify lang po yung Maternity Benefits sa Philippines.  Ang sabi po kasi ng employer ko, kung ano lang ang mandated ng law, wala naman daw po additional na benefits na ibibigay ang company. 

Nabasa ko po kasi...
"SEC. 14-A.  Maternity Leave Benefit. - A covered female  employee who has paid at least three monthly maternity  contributions in the twelve-month period preceding the semester of her childbirth, abortion or miscarriage and who is  currently employed shall be paid a daily maternity benefit  equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of her present basic salary, allowances and other benefits or the cash equivalent of such benefits for sixty (60) days subject to the following  conditions...." 

Pero sa SSS website, eto naman po ang sabi...
The maternity benefit is equivalent to 100 per cent of the memberís average daily salary credit multiplied by 60 days for normal delivery or miscarriage, 78 days for caesarean section delivery.

Ano po bale ang basis ng computation?  Yung basic salary po ba ng empoyee (kung ano natatanggap monthly) OR based sa daily salary credit (max of P500 per day) ???  Magkano po ang pwede ko i-expect na ma-receive ko kung sakaling mag-maternity leave ako ng 60 days?

Maraming salamat po..

You'll be on maternity leave with pay and that will serve as your maternity benefits.

Thanks granger1220.  If "with pay", based on what computation?

Assuming P30K ang monthly basic salary ko.  Would that mean i will get P60K (less income tax) for the 60 days maternity leave?

Or, would the computation be based on the monthly salary credit, as illustrated in the SSS website -, where the maximum monthly salary credit is P15K only (for those with monthly salary of P14,750 and over).  Based on the SSS computation, i would only get P30K for the 60 days maternity leave (and not P60K based on my monthly compensation/salary).

Sa experience po kasi ng mga officemates ko, yung SSS computation ang nasusunod. Tama po ba yun?

Salamat po.

just wanna try to shed some light on this. there is nothing inconsistent in ra 7322 and the irr of sss. Pareho tama yung ra7322 and yung table ng sss. yung computation table ng sss sundin mo. di ko na explain sa iyo kung bakit.

hello po,

Accordingly, ang leave ng cesarean is 78 days, and babayaran ako ng SSS as my maternity benefit. what if hindi naconsume yung 78 days, lets say ngleave lng ng 60 days. Dapat po ba bayaran parin ako ng employee ko sa pagpasok ko or hindi na kasi bayad n ako ng SSS? My law po ba regarding this?


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